What is The IAHRS Associate Membership Program?

The IAHRS Associate Membership Program, June 1, 2018 was initially adopted in response to the innumerable complaints of patients who believe they have fell victim to the rapidly expanding medical tourism arm of the hair transplant industry. Fueled by the aggressive online marketing of cheap “scarless”  FUE hair transplant surgery being performed by unlicensed, low paid, per diem labor in exotic destinations, the tragic outcomes we are seeing illustrates just how dangerous the field has become for those who do not take the time to fully research legitimate surgical options. Unfortunately, a similar commoditized, turnkey model is now being adopted in the United States, promising unsuspecting consumers, painless, scarless, "state-of-the-art" hair transplant surgery marketed under different device brand names. Incorporating our new program is intended to provide a broader educational reach for prospective patients during the research process.   

IAHRS associate members are physicians who have applied for IAHRS membership and have met the standard of completion of training and achievement to become practitioners in the specialty of hair transplant surgery, but are either relatively new to the field (less than five years practicing hair transplant surgery) or have not yet met the organization’s 500 independent case minimum.  Some associates may meet IAHRS member criteria, but due to their location, have not been fully vetted by the organization to achieve full membership status. All associate members are IAHRS eligible and their status as associates indicates a level of ethics that align with the core values of our society. As with our general acceptance policy, The IAHRS does not extend an open membership policy to those seeking associate membership status, and is limited to physicians who exhibit true commitment to the art and science of hair transplant surgery. 

As noted in our About The Society section, accepted membership is not only representative of elite surgical competence, it distinguishes a subset of hair transplant practitioners who openly support truth in advertising as well as the core message of the IAHRS, which is that hair transplant surgery is an elective surgical procedure that comes with risks, and that not all hair loss sufferers make good candidates for surgical intervention.  IAHRS associate members are committed to educating prospective patents on the entire scope and possible pitfalls of this extremely demanding form of cosmetic surgery and fully support consumer advocacy and education in the field.  

Who benefits from the adoption of the associate membership program ?

Both patients and physicians benefit. IAHRS Associate membership helps to ensure appropriate patient care through physician participation in continuing education and provides patents with a third party liason to help adjucate potential issues, within the jurisdiction of the IAHRS where otherwise they would have no recourse. 

Become A Member

Membership in The IAHRS Is considered an elite credential afforded only to talented and ethical hair transplant surgeons. Carrying The IAHRS seal identifies surgeons to consumers, not only as true experts in the field, but as physicians of integrity who empower consumers through education and honest, ethical marketing practices.