Code of Ethics


Full membership in the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) is a privilege accorded only to a select and elite group of physicians of the highest moral and professional standards; it is not a right granted automatically to every applicant. Membership is not open to all physicians practicing surgical hair restoration. The ethical principals adopted by The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons define the essentials of honorable behavior for the physician.

I. The select member recognizes that because of the lack of government regulation in the field of hair transplantation, a greater ethical and moral responsibility is necessary when practicing hair restoration surgery.

II. The select member acknowledges that patients are the IAHRS’ first concern. The hair transplant physician will listen to them and provide the best care he or she can. The member will be honest, respectful and compassionate towards patients, taking into account the emotional distress related to hair loss.

III. The select member will exercise professional judgment independently, and not be influenced by political pressures or by factors such as social standing in the hair loss community. Members will not put profit or professional advancement above their duty to patients.

IV. The select member will not provide treatments that are deemed pointless or harmful by the IAHRS, or ones that an informed and competent patient refuses.

V. The select member will ensure patients receive the information and support they need to make important decisions about hair loss prevention and improvement of their existing condition. Members will answer questions as truthfully as they can and respect patients’ decisions, unless these decisions put the patient or others at risk of harm. If members cannot agree with their requests, they are required to explain why.

VI.  The select member will use his/her training and professional standing as an IAHRS member to improve the community in which they work. Members will treat patients equitably, and support a fair and humane distribution of health resources. They will strive to change current accepted practices that are contrary to patients’ interest or to the professional ethics of The IAHRS.

VII.  The select member acknowledges that he/she is in a position of trust and will not betray that trust.

VIII.  The select member will not take emotional or financial advantage of patients.

IX.  The select member acknowledges that he/she is in a position to affect each patient’s appearance, self-confidence, and possibly the emotional, social, and professional success of the patient for his/her entire life. With every treatment, the emotional well-being of the patient will be considered as important as the outcome of the actual treatment itself. The lifelong effect of each treatment will be considered in light of potential continuing hair loss.

X. The select member acknowledges that patients must be seen as human beings and not simply as “cases,” and should be treated as such.

XI. The select member will recommend treatment for each patient as a member would recommend for himself or herself, or any family member under the same circumstances. This does not mean that the treatment cannot be modified to accommodate the desires of the patient, if practical.

XII. The select member will maintain truth and integrity in all advertising, always avoiding deceptive communications. If a member promotes a technique or an option that is not accepted by the IAHRS as a whole, said member will not be allowed to continue to operate under the umbrella of the IAHRS. Furthermore, trademarking and copyrighting names for common terms is discouraged and frowned upon by the IAHRS, and telemarketing of surgical procedures will not be tolerated.

XIII. The select member shall continue to study, apply and advance his/her knowledge in the field of surgical hair restoration. All members of the IAHRS are required to share their knowledge of potential advancements in surgical techniques to better serve the hair loss community.


Planning For Surgery

If you have decided to have surgical hair restoration you have made a very serious decision that should not be taken lightly. The planning for such a procedure is perhaps one of the most important undertakings you will ever do. The success or failure of your procedure will influence and even potentially dominate your daily life for many years.


Hair transplant costs have varied widely for the past few decades. In the 1970’s and 1980’s the cost of a single “plug” graft would cost anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 each. When the doctor would perform surgeries of 200 grafts on four or five different patients every day the money would pile up quickly.

Find A Surgeon

The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is a consumer organization that selectively screens skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons. The IAHRS does not offer an open membership policy to doctors practicing hair transplatation, and is the only group that recognizes that all surgeons are not equal in their skill and technique. Its elite membership seeks to represent the best in the discipline, the true leaders in the field of surgical hair restoration.