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Concerned About The Appearance of a Hair Transplant If Hair Loss Continues To Progress

If I have a hair transplant for my receding hairline will I look strange if I lose more hair behind it? I have limited funds and do not know if I will be able to afford a second hair transplant if I lose more hair. Is there a way that the hair transplant can be constructed so that this is never a problem?

The issue of potential future hair loss is very important anytime a transplant is considered to correct a receded hairline. There is no way to do the transplant so this is “never a problem”.

These are the important considerations:

-age: the younger you are, the more likely significant progression of the hair loss is
-family history: the stronger your family history, ie the more men in your family with early or extensive baldness, the higher your risk
-willingness to take medicine: Finasteride gives you a high probability of keeping what you have; most men will have more hair five years after beginning it than we they started taking it.
-motivation: transplanting a hairline implies a commitment to restoring and maintaining your hair; think hard whether this is the right decision for you; going bald naturally or shaving your head are easy, cheap alternatives. I have my patients think it over and contact me later to schedule the surgery. I want them to be sure they’re making the right decision for themselves.

If someone gives all these factors adequate consideration, and pursues surgical hair restoration with realistic expectations and the necessary commitment, I find that the level of satisfaction afterwards is extremely high. To see people a year later with their new hairline and a confident smile makes is what makes my job so fulfilling.


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