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Are Thin Hair Shafts a Problem For Facial Hair Transplants?

This is in regards to facial hair restoration. My father could grow a good goatee and moustache, but he had no sideburns. I’ve got that same stupid gene, only a much much worse version of it. I have, for all intents and purposes no hair on the sides of my face. I only have a little on the bottom of my chin and a very thin moustache. I have practically a full head of hair. I am not Asian. It has bothered me for most of my life off and on, and I often wished that I could at least grow a moustache/goatee. My questions are, at my age, 52, can facial hair transplants be done? Also, even though I have a full head of hair, is it a problem if the hair follicle itself is very thin? Thirdly, do you have a clinic near Cleveland Ohio, or do you know of other clinics in that area that perform these procedures? Thank You. – Frank

Dear Frank:

The good news is that facial hair transplantation can be performed very successfully. You are at a very good age for transplantation, as men your age generally have mature expectations and a well established degree of hair loss. You describe yourself as having a good head of hair, although with what sounds like thin hair shafts. Thin hair does not create the same cosmetic density as thicker hairs, but this is not a major problem. As with all areas of transplantation, achieving a satisfactory result depends on moving a sufficient number of hairs into the area of loss.

What areas are of greatest concern to you? The mustache? The sideburns? The cheeks? Each area has a unique surgical approach, and this is reviewed in detail during your consultation. A face to face consultation is crucial for a patient such as yourself, as a detailed examination as well as a thorough discussion of the benefits and limitations of the procedure are needed. My office is in South Euclid, Ohio in the Cleveland area.

I would be delighted to meet with you.


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