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Two Scalp Reductions Left Me Scarred – Wondering If I Can Be Fixed

In the mid nineties I had two scalp reductions and a total of 900 micrografts from Bosley in Beverly Hills. The scalp reductions never really worked out too well leaving me with very visible scaring and a weird scar that runs to the very back of my head. I have been forced to wear a hair piece for the past 11 years just to hide the bad cosmetic appearance of the hair transplant. I was reading on your site that these types of issues can now be fixed with modern hair transplantation. How common is my situation and will I ever be able to get out from under this hair piece if I have a modern day hair transplant?

Your situation is more common than you would think. Whether or not you will be able to take off the hair piece and go without really depends on many factors. Most importantly is how much viable donor hair you have and will it provide enough coverage in the areas of thinning or loss to satisfy you. It would be very helpful if you could forward a few photographs. Your situation could then be evaluated and your options will be given to you. Many hair transplant physicians are now starting to see patients coming to their clinics with this same scenario or something very similar. Often a significant improvement can be made and the patient is at some point able to stop wearing the hair piece. I feel that it is very important for you to be realistic about the outcome and/or final result. Usually when someone is going from a hair piece to a transplant there will be a decrease in the overall density in the areas of concern. However, most people are willing to accept a little lower density in return for not having to wear the hair system.


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