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Laser Treatments Caused Hair Loss In My 9 Year Old Daughter

My 9 year old daughter was born with a port wine stain birthmark on the right side of her face between her eye and sideburn area. It was affecting her so we decided to have her undergo laser treatments which were relatively successful in lightening the birthmark, but caused some of her hair to fall out, about a half inch in that area at the side of here head. The doctor said it might not grow back and I’m very worried about that. When her hair is down it is not to noticeable, but she can not pull her hair back without revealing it. Is there anything that can be done for my daughter? Would a hair transplant be appropriate for a 9 year old girl? Any help you can give me if very appreciated.

Thank you for your question about your daughter. I’m not an expert in the lasers used for the treatment  of port wine stains and their effect on hair. If in a discussion with the treating physician it is felt that the hair loss is likely permanent with no sign of regrowth for several months after the treatment, then your daughter would likely be a candidate for surgical hair restoration. The good news is that transplant procedures into areas of hair loss due to laser removal, scars and burns are very successful, however she may need more than one procedure to achieve a higher visual density. It is not uncommon for of this age children to undergo this type of surgery for reconstruction but it does require a little special care in explaining the procedure and attention to the needs of the patient on the day of surgery.


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