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Will Insurance Cover The Cost of a Hair Transplant if Hair Loss Is Caused By a Disease?

I recently read an article and a guy was losing his hair after an illness, and he asked if his insurance would cover him to get a hair transplant. I don’t think insurance covered him, but my case is different. I’ve been to all types of doctors and I have a incurable disease called scalp psoriasis, and its giving me a very very very dry and itchy scalp. I’m sure my scalp is damaged from all the itching and it is very nasty under my hair so I most likely will be bald one day. Is there any way insurance would cover me to get a hair transplant to cover my incurable scalp disease? Thanks, Jason

Psoriasis can cause thick scaly plaques in the scalp, however it does not cause hair loss. Typically itching the scalp does not cause hair loss, unless you are very, very aggressive. I have never heard of an insurance company paying for a hair transplant for psoriasis.


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