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Is It Possible To Have a Hair Transplant and Wear a Hard Hat After One Week?

Is it possible to have a hair transplant and wear a hard hat after a one week vacation? I’m a builder and need to wear protective head gear when I’m on the job.

You can wear the hard hat after one week. The hat will not hurt the grafts but can be irritating to the donor area. The donor area should be watched closely to prevent any inflammatory response and a generous amount of antibiotic ointment should be applied to the area. The staples or sutures are usually left in for at least 10 days. If staples are used for closing it is possible to start removing the staples that are causing discomfort in 7 days. Good hygiene is important and on the fifth day baby oil can be applied to the transplants prior to shampooing to help remove the dried epithelium and scabs. If you start having any increased pain or swelling after three days be sure and call your doctor.


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