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Do Hair Transplant Sugeons Endorse The LaserComb?

I am a 59 year old female with female pattern thinning, confined to the top, temples and areas of the crown that need comb overs. Mother has the same problem, so did maternal grandmother. I had reactions to Minoxidil so I do not use it. My question concerns the use of the lasercomb. It appears to be endorsed by many hair replacement centers, however I never see any endorsements by hair transplant surgeons themselves. I would like someone to comment on the use of laser hair combs. Thank You.

I would LIKE to tell you that the reason you haven’t found any hair transplant doctors offering laser comb services is because such serious clinicians are averse to offering quack remedies and therefore shun “miracle machines”.

I would also like to tell you that all HT doctors are driven by reason and result, rather than misdirection and money.

But I can’t.

The truth is, there are plenty of HT docs offering magical laser treatments- and they really aren’t hard to find at all. The undeniable problem, however, is that NOT ONE of these doctors has offered ANY convincing photos of cosmetically significant results. And while this has not stopped them from offering it, I hope it will stop you from seeking it.


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