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Hair Transplant Before 30, Is It A Good Idea?

Do I really have to wait until I am 30 or older to have a hair transplant? I’ve been losing my hair for 5 years now since the age of 21 and I’m really unhappy with the way I look with a receding hairline. I keep reading that I’m too young and I should wait until my hair loss stabilizes, but I would like to look good again while still in my twenties so I can enjoy my youth. Is this a foolish way to think or can I safely have a hair transplant now? – Lawrence


When it comes to hair transplant,  age is very important, but the area and extent of your hair loss is also crucial.  Plus, you really must understand that hair loss is progressive and many people have more than one hair transplant.  Also, do you have realistic expectations of where you would enjoy having a permanent hairline?  With all of these considerations, I really can’t advise you much more without seeing you or a photo and then I could advise you further.  Never give up!


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