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Any Hope For The Hopeless? When a Hair Transplant Isn’t An Option

I am writing because I am wondering what to do for my situation. I am 25 years old with extreme diffuse thinning. Lucky me huh? I think it resembles more female pattern type hair loss and the donor hair, side top everywhere is evenly thinned. I think I’ve done enough research to figure out that I am probably not a candidate for a hair transplant due to not having a very stable donor hair area, and also I hear doctors don’t want to transplant guys that are too young. So this is one of those times age isn’t on my side. What do I do? I don’t want to depress anyone, but this has ruined my life, or perhaps more appropriately stated, robbed me of the one I had before. Not a lot of 25 year old women wanting to date a guy with hair like their grandfather. Do guys with diffuse thinning respond well to Propecia or Rogaine? thanks.

You are correct that if you have diffuse thinning by age 25, you would not be a candidate for a hair transplant. I would use both Finasteride and Rogaine and begin these medications as soon as possible. With diffuse thinning, it is possible to have a dramatic response. Be patient, you must wait at least a year to see the full response of the drugs and you may have some shedding at the beginning of treatment. You also may want to consider keeping your hair short and lightening it if it is dark. These cosmetic changes may make the thinning less noticeable.


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