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Eyelash Hair Transplant – What Does It Entail?

Can you tell me what eyelash transplantation entails and if it is possible to have it performed on a budget?

The mechanics of the eyelash transplant is similar to a normal transplant, which entails-
1) Removing the donor tissue (usually the back of the scalp),
2) dissecting the hairs into single hair micrografts under the microscope,
3) making the incisions in the eyelash plate, &
4) Inserting the grafts. The making of the incisions and planting of the grafts are more difficult and a patient should be wearing eye shields to protect the eye.

The down side to eyelash transplants is
1) the hair will not be a perfect match therefore it needs to be trimmed weekly,
2) the hair can curve in
different directions, therefore, it needs to be trained daily to twice daily
3) the density achieved is many times not as dense as the patient would like, therefore they may need more than one transplant. In the end what makes a good hair transplant candidate, similar to a normal hair transplant, is a patient that is realistic about what can be achieved and understands the implications of the surgery (i.e.- trimming the eyelashes the rest of your life and training them everyday for the rest of your life.)

I charge $4000 per hair transplant session.


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