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Currently Using Rogaine For Women With No Results – Can I Use Rogaine For Men?

I am a 43 year old female with androgenetic alopecia since puberty. I have been using Rogaine for women since but notice now it is not working that good. Please tell me if I can use Rogaine for men instead. And if not why? I am desperate and I am willing to give Rogaine For Men a try for a few months to see if it makes a difference.

Unfortunately androgenetic alopecia is a disease of aging that gets worse as you get older.  Tooth decay is also a disease of aging that gets worse with aging.   Rogaine is similar to toothpaste; neither is perfect.  Tooth paste slows tooth decay and just because you get a cavity does mean the toothpaste is not working anymore.  If you were not using toothpaste, your tooth decay would be much worse. This is similar to Rogaine, if you were not using it your hair loss would be much worse and if you stop using Rogaine you will go back to your genetic predisposition (much worse).  I do think the 5% Rogaine (i.e. – Rogaine for men) is more effective in women and therefore I do have my female patients using it.  I just tell my female patients the side effect profile is similar to the 2% Rogaine, but slightly higher.


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