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Members of the IAHRS have been carefully selected and screened. Each physician’s patient photo gallery will be presented, so that you can get better acquainted with their work.

Our organization is growing, and we will continue to add ethical, skilled hair transplant surgeons to our membership. If you do not see a particular doctor on our member list, and would like to know their status, please write to:

Hair transplant surgeons may not be listed for one of the following reasons:

1. They have not applied for membership.
2. Their application has been rejected.
3. Their application has not yet completed the review process.

We are always interested in welcoming members who demonstrate excellence in this field.

If you would like us to review a particular physician please write to:

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Membership in The IAHRS Is considered an elite credential afforded only to talented and ethical hair transplant surgeons. Carrying The IAHRS seal identifies surgeons to consumers, not only as true experts in the field, but as physicians of integrity who empower consumers through education and honest, ethical marketing practices.