Satisfied With Your Hair Transplant? Consider Yourself Lucky

For those who make good candidates, and find the right surgeon and surgical team, hair transplant surgery can be an extremely positive, life changing experience. For the countless consumers who fall prey to hair transplant device maker marketing and inexperienced novice practitioners, the outcomes can be disastrous, and the field is becoming more confusing and dangerous every year. Martin calls the the guys on the UK show to discuss his success story and why he believes he has such a positive hair transplant experience.

Spencer Kobren:  So, listen, tomorrow night, I ... First of all, I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to call in, and I'm really happy that you are happy. I mean, if you understood how many people that I speak to personally, and I'm sure Spex does as well, who are unhappy, who are finding us after the fact. Who got fucked up, or who chose not to take Finasteride based on a lot of information that's online that may not pertain to them. They've allowed things to go to far, and now they're just living in the world, like half a life here. They're depressed. They're unhappy with the way they look. They feel like they're not going to get the job, or the woman of their dreams, stuff like that ... That's not necessarily true, but that's the way that the feel. You are a success story on every level of this process. That's rare. We don't speak to a lot of guys like you.

Martin:  That's good. I always wanted to be a success story. Yeah. I'm up and about and, work in people's houses, you've got to have a nice appearance, I didn't want to be coming to someones door as a skin head. My head just doesn't suit a short hair, simple as that.

Spencer Kobren: Again, I'm glad. When I say that we don't speak to a lot of people like you, it's not that there's not a lot of success stories out there, it's just that the people who normally contact us, in general ... At least me, are people with complaints. People who are unhappy. People have missed the boat, so to speak. People have made the wrong decisions based on false information that they've read online. These are the people that I'm speaking to most. It's just great to get somebody like you on the air, so that you could share your story and let people know ... Listen, if you take the right steps, you have a much better chance of having success with this process. You lucked out. You took ... Somehow you had the wear with all to take all the right steps and find the right oeple.

Spex: He met me.

Spencer Kobren: Yeah. That's the thing. He lucked out. Listen, as visible as you are, Spex, and as visible as we are, when people look up hair loss here in the US, one of the first things they find is the American Hair Loss Association. They may read a little bit ... We're not offering any services. We're not offering any fixes for them. It happens, they go past our site, they find the person whose willing to give them their hair back ... Or who may have written an ebook in his mother's basement, and they buy that shit and then follow those directions because they want to get fixed and then ... Unfortunately, they circle back after they've made the mistake. I'm sure oeple have run into your site and have seen you in your local media, and they're like, "This seems interesting." But, then they go to the schlock shop to get a hair transplant, and they come back to you after the fact.

Spex:  Yeah. I said that tongue in cheek, that ...

Spencer Kobren: Of course.

Spex:  What you talked about, that which was very a poignant point. You, not many people who are success stories, who don't work with Finasteride, who have a great surgery and really happy with it, hang around and spare the time to come on a radio show, and talk about it. Those guys seem to be the one to get on with their lives and haven't got time for this, so I salute you Martin, for coming and sparing the time, giving us an hour of your time here, and coming on and sharing it because it's really positive message to send out to other oeple who are at the start of this journey.

If you cast your mind back to the start of your journey, it was a very, very long time ago, and you've been pretty much streamlined into it. A lot of guys can take several years to get to the point where you are at, even before pulling the trigger. It's a lot of time to be living under a rock, and living under a hat and being incredibly anxious. It's no way to live. You're very fortunate, but at the same time, thank you very much for coming onto Spencer's show and sharing your story with everybody because it's a really important message to be heard.

Martin: Yeah, no problem. Trying to support for you guys as well, for what you've done and Neal's scores are out there. Got the shit kicked out of their heads. It's hard to get to where we are now, with ... Joe from Staten Island, these guys have had a horrible ride.

Spencer Kobren: Did you see what Joe looked like? What he had to walk around with for 9 years?

Martin: Yeah. Yeah.

Spencer Kobren: Think about that.

Martin: I've seen it. Yeah, that's ... Yeah. Speechless there. Cool guy.

Spencer Kobren: What's even more, I think, compelling, is okay, that was really bad, but the fact that he was corrected and repaired the way that he was, to look the way he does today ... He had one chance at that point for good hair surgery. If he had one more bad surgery, he would have been finished. He found the right people, and he lucked out. He ended up turning this into his career, just like Spex did.

Martin: Yeah.

Spencer Kobren: These are important stories. People need to know that when we're here, we're not here trying to sell anything. My whole thing is, surgery is the last resort. But if you're going to have surgery, you have to do your due diligence to make sure that you have the best possible chance of having an outcome like you did. Like Spex did. Like Joe Tillman did. All of you guys are taking medication, and all of you guys were lucky enough to find great surgeons. Most guys aren't that lucky. 

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