No Medical License, No Training... No Problem

Spencer Kobren Speaks with ABHRS Diplomate Dr. Ken Williams about the current dangers facing today’s  hair transplant patient and the total lack of effectiveness in  establishing a straight forward message that articulates the minimal standard of care and education patients should expect and demand from their hair transplant providers. Caveat Emptor, “Let the buyer beware.”

Spencer Kobren: Hey, guys, here with Dr. Ken Williams from Orange County at the AFLA, which is the Advanced Follicular Unit workshop of Los Angeles.

Ken Williams: Absolutely.

Spencer Kobren: And we are learning a lot. How do you like it so far?

Ken Williams:  Dr. Umar did a great job in organizing and getting us all here together under one tent. Great didactical day today and then tomorrow and the next day will be in the actual procedure room looking to see all the different various harvesting techniques

Spencer Kobren: I do want to say anyone who's out there who is considering offering AFU in their practice, I mean what do you suggest? It's not easy, everyone's just being these turnkey devices.

Ken Williams: Absolutely, Spencer, it is a real serious problem that we're having in that people who don't have a medical license are practicing surgery and performing felonious surgery against, and we have bad patient outcomes because of that. We're having really bad angle hair, directions, the growth is terrible. So it's a real serious problem to have.

Spencer Kobren:  But as bad as that is, even the doctors who are getting involved who are trying to do it themselves are really not getting enough training.

Ken Williams: And the worst part is the plastic surgeons who think they're God, who think they can do everything, but they don't know anything about the critical equality steps involved in hair restoration.

Spencer Kobren: Well, they're buying these turnkey devices and we know what's happening. I will tell you that from my perspective, the industry is, it's falling apart.

Ken Williams: Yeah. And I want to thank you for doing your best to alert the consumers. You do an awesome job, Spencer.

Spencer Kobren: Well, I really appreciate it.

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