Most Celebrity Hair Transplants Suck!

The power of celebrity culture and social media in relation to the rise of cosmetic surgery is a phenomenon that has all but taken the medicine out of very real, life altering surgery. Unless a person is truly versed in the entire scope and possible pitfalls of hair transplant surgery, no amount of money or fame will save them from a bad outcome. Sadly, once a celebrity signs on “the dotted line” to go public with their cosmetic surgery, many find it difficult to come out after they realize they have been botched. UK reality star Maria Fowler might not be the first celebrity to discuss undergoing cosmetic surgery, but she is absolutely the first to come out after undergoing a botched hair transplant, leaving her with no option but to undergo a second surgery to have it repaired by IAHRS accepted surgeon Dr. Edward Ball.

Maria Fowler: The issue that I've got at the minute is kind of like, I mean, I'm quite, how can I say, like I'm quite a caring person anyway and in kind of journey, 'cause it hasn't really been a journey, I've come across so many people that have just literally their lives ruined by their sin. And men in particular that are kind of have this strip of unnatural hair and then they're still continuing to bald and it's like they're just done procedures on people so they walk out the door and look good. Next week and they've not thought about next year or the year after and I'm, like you said earlier, in a position where I was fortunate enough to be able to get this repaired. I said to Joe yesterday, I'm kind of on a mission now to trying in my own way, like educate people. 

Maria Fowler: They might not understand that there are communities out there to help you and they might just look at celebrities and think, "Oh, I'm gonna get it done." And I'm gonna try and help people and teach people in a way they understand that it's not acceptable to just let somebody touch your hair that just doesn't actually care about the finished result. And I think there's a lot of companies out there that are there just to make money and get you in and get you out and the aftercare's horrendous and well, it's non-existent. 

Spencer Kobren:  I can tell you that almost every company out there today, as the industry grows and as the barrier to entry into hair transplant surgery is becoming easier and easier with FUE procedures, that it's all about the dollars. 

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