Hair Loss - A “Cancer” Of The Spirit

Hair loss is a subject that society as a whole does not seem to recognize as the emotional devastating disease of the spirt that it is for so many. Spencer Kobren and Spencer (Spex) Stevenson discuss on this segment of TBT UK.  

Spencer Kobren:  When I was that age, because that's, at least in the US, the drinking age was 21 years old, I had never really ... I was athletic as a kid. I played high school sports. Basketball, baseball. I wasn't the type of kid who would go out and party. This completely changed my world. I started to self-medicate. I was at the bars every night just trying to escape the intense anxiety and suffering and pain of dealing with this hair loss. Those nights, I would have a few hours of relief, You know?

Caller: Yeah.

Spex: Pain again. It's like a mental pain. People that live in physical pain. It's a constant, constant drain on them. There's no release from it. You can't get away from it. And hair loss is a mental anguish.

Spencer Kobren:  True that. I said years ago, "It's a cancer of the spirit." I have been chastised, publicly, in mainstream media for saying that, for comparing hair loss to cancer. I never compared it to cancer. I said, "It's a cancer of the spirit." That's what it is. It destroys and erodes your self-esteem in ways that people who are not dealing with hair loss can never understand. Just because we're dudes, just because we're men, we're supposed to man up and say, "Oh, we're losing a part of ourselves. No big deal. We've just got to move on and live with it." Fuck that.

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