Strip Or FUT Still Has Its Place According To Most Ethical Hair Transplant Docs

IAHRS accepted member, Atlanta hair transplant surgeon Daniel Danyo, MD, speaks with spencer Kobren about conventional strip surgery and its relevance in today’s standard of care, even though he chooses to perform FUE exclusively in his practice.

Daniel Danyo: I've had two FUE procedures myself, about 3,500 graphs.

Spencer Kobren:Looking good by the way.

Daniel Danyo: Thanks. We're looking at some old pictures today, and yes, a lot better. I focus on FUE because it comes down to a business model of containment, and the fact that I can treat all the patients. If somebody wants FUT, I'm happy to send them out to somebody who's experienced in doing it. But,there are plenty of people that really do want FUE. FUE is like playing golf. You can be an awesome golfer but if you don't do it as frequently as you should and practice it all the time, well, you're going to start slicing a little bit and you're going to start making some mistakes. It's the same thing. Even if you're an expert golfer, you're going to have some bad shots. Obviously, FUE, you're going to have some transections  that aren't optimal relative to FUT. But I chose FUE based on my perception myself that I didn't want to have a strip, and that I just find that my patients that come to me are looking specifically for FUE.

Spencer Kobren: Well, I would say that the vast majority of patients out there are looking for FUE. No one is contacting the American Hair Loss Association or the IAHRS or The Bald Truth asking us who the best Strip doctors are. However, with that said, I'm glad that you mention this, that if you think someone is a better candidate for a Strip or makes a good candidate for a Strip, and after speaking to them, you realize that's what they need, you're willing to send somebody to somebody else. That's not always the case. A lot of guys will talk people out of having a Strip even if they really need one in order to meet their expectations. I think that's really important.

Daniel Danyo: Yes, It is. I think as a doctor, you need to kind of focus on what you're good at. I put a lot of focus and energy in being good at FUE. I've used a lot of different devices. I have spent a lot of money on devices, gone down different paths, but all in an attempt to give the best grafts, really. I think I like using really small punches. I've even done, well, even down to 0.75 millimeter or 0.8. I used pen implanters exclusively. I don't do any slits or hand placing.

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