Dr. Sanusi Umar Discusses The Hair Transplant Truth

IAHRS member Sanusi Umar, M.D. discusses what it takes to become a skilled FUE hair transplant surgeon. While the field is becoming more exciting due to advancing technology, it's more dangerous than its been in more than two decades.

Spencer Kobren: Hey guys, I am here with IAHRS member Dr. Umar, who actually just held the Advanced FUE Los Angeles conference here in Redondo Beach. I got to tell you doc, it's really a great thing. I wish more guys who are just getting into the field, were interested in coming and really learning. I see a lot of the old timers, guys who want to learn new stuff, but I mean, what do you think about the, some of the newer guys, younger guys getting into the field?

Dr. Sanusi Umar: Well I think the field is getting more and more interested and more and more excited.

Spencer Kobren: Yeah.

Dr. Sanusi Umar: A lot of new development on several fronts. Cutting edge things happening. For any aspiring hair transplant doctor, I think there's no better time to get into this than now.

Spencer Kobren: But here's the thing, and I think FUE's really being oversold, and a lot of people are overselling it and under delivering. These conference are vital, and I wish that more plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons who are buying these devices, and they think it's just a turnkey solution, would get involved and learn from the real masters.

Dr. Sanusi Umar: It's very important to learn the nuances of hair restorative devices. They are not turnkey at all.

Spencer Kobren: No.

Dr. Sanusi Umar: There are a lot of principles that need, go into how to use them. So, I will strongly encourage that such workshops, training forums and opportunities are seized upon to, in order to deliver consummate care to our patients.

Spencer Kobren: Well I really appreciate you doing this, and I think people are really learning a lot.

Dr. Sanusi Umar: Thank you.

Spencer Kobren: Thank you.

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