Celebrity Hair Transplants - Maria Fowler Speaks Out About Her Nightmare

Maria Fowler of the UK's "The Only Way is Essex" fame opens up about her first hair transplant disaster and how vital it is for prospective patients to do their homework before undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Joe Tillman: You know when she approached me and we started talking she was very candid about her experience and about her thoughts about the results and I thought it was really important for her to not only find a great clinic but she's in a position where she can help a lot of people and sorry Maria for talking about you in the third person but I think it's important for people that are listening to know that everyone makes mistakes and I know that she's excited to be able to talk about her second hair transplant and everything she's learned ever since she got serious about this.

And we were talking the other day and I thought it was pretty cool. She was using terminology that few people outside the industry use, much less correctly, because she has been reading up, she has been studying and I think that this, in general, everything puts her in a unique position that few people are in to help others because of her public eye status and she's the first person in the public eye that's not only talked about their hair transplant but is talking about their repair transplant subsequently to the first.

Spencer Kobren: Well, Joe and I have been contacted by people just unfortunately who just like Maria who do not want to come out because there's the stigma of first having cosmetic surgery to fix your hair, to do something about your hair, and then to admit that you may have not made the right decision and to go out there. Most of the guys and most of the celebrities are just like, "Look, I don't want to be a part of it. If you could help me that's great," and of course I do and we would never divulge any of these guys, but sadly most of these guys are not, and again, in the position to be repairable, as repaired as Maria was, and you gave her that opportunity. Now, before we take phones calls and the phone number is, in the U.K., is 0203-3724-683, and of course toll free here in the U.S., 888-659-3727.

I want to get an idea of how Maria felt about what happened, and her end result after her first procedure, and what it was like living that way every day. So, maybe you can kind of explain the emotional roller coaster that you were dealing with.

Maria Fowler: Yeah so we went for the first procedure and I had a lot of doubts about the procedure. I said to Joe the other day, in hindsight, when I agreed to sort of have this done, I actually put a lot more research and thought into like the decision of what car I got and that's really, really, really stupid and naïve of me to kind of think what could do wrong? It's only hair but since I've researched it, I'm just like, wow, there's so many issues with my hairline pre getting it repaired that I actually realized when I looked in the mirror. And I kind of like knew it was wrong, like I knew it wasn't right but I'm like a why person and I needed to kind of figure out why before I started kind of like moving forward so I did a lot of research. And there were many issues with it that when I looked in the mirror that it kind of all fell into place.

It was really straight across here and then there was like this blunt kind of like I had multi hair grafts in my hair line and then I had this natural bit here with no temple points. Obviously I am like one week post my second procedure so a lot of this is sort of still scabbed so that's why it looks quite lumped at the minute. And there were just so many issues with it that I just felt like everywhere I went people were talking to my hair line and these are people, I'm in a city called Darby and there's not a lot ... It's not like London where like a lot of people have things done so for people to be noticing that and looking at that was like it was not right. I went from having a hair line that was bad but natural to having one that's [inaudible 00:04:36] fake so I've kind of ... I've gone from like here to like here and it was like I'm getting married next year. I've literally just messed up myself for no reason.


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