Dr. Sharon Keene has a stellar reputation and has been referred to as an icon in the field of hair restoration. She regularly lectures and demonstrates her state of the art techniques at hair restoration conferences domestically and internationally.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Dr. Keene studied general surgery for five years at the University of Arizona, serving as chief surgical resident in her final year of residency. She spent two years studying hair loss and surgical hair restoration techniques before establishing her own clinic.

Dr. Keene is certified by the American Board of Surgery, which is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The American Board of Medical Specialties is the only recognized board for medical specialties. Dr. Keene acts as an expert consultant to the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners in reviewing hair restoration surgery cases. She is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Since 1995, she has participated among a team of surgeons teaching follicular unit grafting to doctors from all over the world at the International Hair Restoration Surgery conferences. She is well known among patients and doctors for her integrity, honest medical advice, and surgical skill in providing the most advanced techniques available anywhere at an affordable rate. Dr. Keene has received numerous awards from her colleagues in the field, including the European Society and Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, recognizing her primary work in follicular unit grafting and medical devices to improve quality and efficiency in megasessions. She continues to serve on the committee for evidence based medicine in hair restoration surgery and continuing medical education for the ISHRS in 2008. She is also serving as committee moderator for a discussion forum on density in hair restoration at the 2008 ISHRS meeting in Montreal. Dr. Keene had the honor to serve as Chair for the 15th annual scientific meeting of the ISHRS conference in 2007 (the chair invites faculty members, approves presentations, and acts as general organizer for the conference). The ISHRS achieved superior recognition and approval from the American Medical Association continuing medical education (CME) certification for the curriculum that was organized by Dr. Keene and the scientific committee. 

In the past year Dr. Keene has expanded her scientific research to include the study of genetics and has become the chief medical officer to, the first company offering genetic testing for androgenetic alopecia. 

Dr. Keene typically limits her surgery to one patient per day, utilizing the ultra refined follicular unit technique, with double follicular units in some areas to provide maximum density for less cost, and has a very hands on approach in the surgery room. She also uses the trichophytic closure and lateral slits where appropriate, as well as varying her blade size to match the graft sizes, in order to minimize trauma. Graft dissection at Dr. Keene’s clinic is done utilizing high magnification microscopes and video scopes.

Dr. Keene performs every aspect of the surgery, from donor removal, to creating the recipient sites, to placing the grafts, along with her experienced assistants. Each patient is given not just her staff’s attention, but her personal attention throughout the surgery.

Dr. Keene is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association

About the IAHRS

The IAHRS is an organization whose membership is limited exclusively to state-of-the-art hair restoration surgeons. The IAHRS is the patient’s advocate, the ethical physician’s voice, and the standard for the profession.