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Dr. Sanusi Umar is a world renowned hair restoration surgeon with a unique qualification: he understands the pain of hair loss because he shared it. As a young man he sought out available treatments for hair restoration and when he could not find a suitable solution, he devoted his career to inventing one. The patented UGraft® Revolution suite of tools and techniques advance the outcomes in hair restoration without linear scars through its component UPunch™ Curl (for successful FUE in all Afro-textured, tightly curled hair) and UPunch™ Rotor (for head and body FUE – Body Hair Transplants (BHT) FUE); FUE hair transplant surgery is open to more patients with diverse ethnic backgrounds and hair loss severity than ever before.

A native of Nigeria, Dr.Umar pursued an ambitious career in medicine combining studies in internal medicine and dermatology. After achieving board certification in both fields he has spent the past 10 years focusing on hair restoration surgery. At the core of Dr. Umar’s studies is always a passion for research and the quest to discover the how and why of different approaches to the process of hair loss and restoration. Of particular importance was discovering how to change the outlook and high failure rate for patients of African heritage. With his inventions, UPunch™ Curl and UPunch™ Rotor, the success of hair restoration in even the most challenging cases is achieved. More importantly, the current industry practice of pre-testing for patients of African descent may soon be a thing of the past. Dr. Umar’s new research in Afro-Textured FUE is now available in the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal-PRS Global Open.

With over sixteen academic research papers published by the most respected medical journals in the field including the Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA Dermatology, Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Umar continues to invent the tools to expand the field of hair restoration surgery for anyone who wants it.

As an associate faculty member at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Director of Cosmetic Dermatology Harbor – UCLA. Dr. Umar’s findings have influenced a new generation of surgeons coming into the field and he shares his knowledge freely. Dr. Umar currently holds board certification by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Umar holds two international and US patents for the UGraft technology.

As the founder of Dr U Hair and Skin Clinics (formerly DermHair Clinic) in Redondo Beach, California, Dr. Umar’s success in the field of hair restoration translates daily into the lives of men and women from around the world. His work with BHT to transform eyelashes and eyebrows has been covered by the national news networks, including ABC Good Morning America, NBC news and CBS. maintains an archive of patient results and hundreds of educational articles and videos to provide full transparency to those who are considering taking on a life-affirming surgery. Dr. Umar compassionately answers questions and provides online as well as in person consultations. He is frequently asked if the U in UGraft and DrU stands for Umar. He always smiles and says, “No,” the U stands for Universal, for he believes that the Universe begins with U.

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