FUE Hair Transplant Results - Patient's Stunning Results - 2917 Grafts

Our patient came to Dr. Cole's clinic on January 10, 2017 for a 2717-graft FUE (CIT) shaven hair transplant procedure. Our Norwood 3A patient was previously very disappointed by a low-yield procedure he had done by another doctor in Florida. Back in January, 2017, prior to having his procedure with Dr. Cole, he wanted to improve the frontal area without lowering his existing hairline. Immediately after his hair transplant procedure with Dr. Cole, he received sonicated PRP (CRP) plus ACell and follicle stem cells. His donor area was treated with 30mg of ACell. In this video Dr. Cole introduces the patient and describes the FUE process for this particular case. Next in the video, our patient tells his story and as you can see he is absolutely thrilled with his result at only 7 months.

FUE Hair Transplant Result - Patient Review - 3957 Grafts - Forhair

Remarkable hair transplant results happen every day at Forhair. Here is the testimonial of one patient who underwent a 3957 graft procedure. We include hair transplant photos, footage of the procedure, and an overall review. This is his story and our handy work.

The Art of FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the newest type of hair restoration surgery available. Dr. Cole has mastered this technique using his very own version of FUE, termed the Cole Isolation Technique or CIT. CIT FUE has many advantages over Strip surgery. At the hands Dr. Cole, CIT is minimally invasive and results in exceptionally low transection rates. Unlike strip surgery, CIT does not require stitches or sutures, making it appealing to those who prefer shorter hairstyles. A successful hair restoration is not just surgery; it takes talent to master appropriate placement of grafts and create a natural look. Successful hair restoration surgeons are actually creating works of art. This is something surgeons are not taught in school. The top hair transplant doctors have an innate talent for determining where follicles should be placed; therefore, hair transplant patients left in their hands will have the best results.