Dr Greg Vida is a senior surgeon at the Harley Street Hair Clinic and has established his enviable reputation by virtue of excellence in Hair Transplantation and patient care, including a commitment to advancing the field of hair restoration.

Dr Vida has appeared extensively in the media including national television as an expert helping to educate the public on the possibilities available to patients with hair transplantation.

He has worked internationally to develop and further his skills and began his career in medical research in the USA and London. After working in surgical medicine, General, Orthopaedic and trauma surgery in Germany he has specialised in surgical care and development. The passion for microsurgical techniques in medicine were further enhanced by advanced surgical training in Taiwan.

Dr Vida is a GMC registered Doctor who actively enjoys further learning and professional development and has trained several physicians in the field of hair transplantation. He has a young family and is also a keen cyclist and enjoys keeping Fit. He credits the experience of being a Hair transplantation patient himself to enhance the standards of patient care and in performing to achieve excellent results 

About the IAHRS

The IAHRS is an organization whose membership is limited exclusively to state-of-the-art hair restoration surgeons. The IAHRS is the patient’s advocate, the ethical physician’s voice, and the standard for the profession.