Hair Transplant Results - 3464 FUT Grafts

Patient attended his 6 month follow up after his 3464 graft FUT hair transplant with Dr Edward Ball and the team. He is rightly delighted with his results as he is a quick grower. Dr Ball transplanted grafts in the frontal area to provide a much stronger frame to his face and also into the crown.

Check in with Dr Ball and Sig G

Dr Ball had a quick chat with vlogger Sig G, who has been sharing his results on YouTube for over a year. Here Dr Ball looks closely at the great results that can be achieved with expert knowledge of graft placing, creating a realistic and natural hairline.

HD- FUT Donor Scar Comb Through 12 Months after 4000 Grafts. Sig G

We met up with Sig G who has been vlogging about his results on YouTube for the past year but has never been able to show how his scar looks. Here we present the HD video combing through his donor area not just if you can see the scar which David Anderson our Patient Advisor had trouble spotting but stopping to point out where the scar is. Results of course will vary from patient to patient but here is an example of what a FUT scar can look like 12 months after 4000 grafts are extracted when patient healing and surgeon skill are favourable. We think you will enjoy this one.