Hair Greed - Sometimes It’s Best To Quit While you’re Ahead

We all want the perfect head of hair, but when it comes to hair transplant surgery, it’s important to remember that each and every procedure comes with real risks. If you’re a hair transplant patient who is currently comfortable with his appearance, attempting to add just a little more might not be worth the risk.

Curtis: Where I'm at least happy now that I don't people with the eye drift up, you know, when you would think people are looking at your hairline.

Spencer Kobren: Oh yeah. Yeah. I don't get that.

Joe Tillman: I dealt with that a long time.

Curtis: That was always my thing, nowadays, that's luckily gone, from the repair work I've had done at least, I have the hairs in front of the old graphs, after a little bit of work ...

Joe Tillman: Good for you.

Spencer Kobren: Curtis man, we're gonna take some more phone calls, but my advice is this: quit while you're ahead. There may be a day when you actually need to have the work done-

Curtis: That's what I'm thinking.

Spencer Kobren: And, right now you don't. You're 54 years old, who knows, you may be able to last this way until you're 60, I'm not saying anything definitely coming down the pike, but ...

Curtis: That's the thing, I've made it this long, wait until I have to do it, right?

Joe Tillman: Yeah.

Spencer Kobren: You never have to do it, but wait until you feel the real need to do it. Right now, you said you could love your life. You're happy, and it just takes you a little time to finesse it. There's women out there that are putting on a bra with a prosthetic breast in it. We're dealing with something that sucks, but at least it's something that we can deal with. And, you're able to wake up ever day, do your hair, walk out feeling good about yourself, you're in a pretty good position.

Joe Tillman: I think that I you are fine with where yo are now, it takes about half an hour to fix everything the way you want it, don't get a hair transplant until it takes an hour. Then you're in a position where you probably need to do it.

Spencer Kobren: Yeah. Or it takes an hour, and it can't be done, and you're still unhappy.

Curtis: All right. There is some mornings it takes a long time, because I get so anal and OCD, you know what I mean?

Spencer Kobren: No, I don't know what you mean.

Joe Tillman: Spence is like, "I ignored you in what you're doing there."

Curtis: Doing it like, let me see how it's not good or not. But that's a mental issue. I could do it fast, but I ytake longer because there's something wrong with me. Does that make sense?

Spencer Kobren: It does make sense, because I'm the exact same way. There's something wrong with me.

Joe Tillman: There is.

Spencer Kobren: I am not well.

Curtis: Honestly, sometimes it does take an hour, but it's my own fault.

Spencer Kobren: Yeah. No, I have the OCD. I say this all the time, I was talking to my friend about this, a kid that I grew up with, he's actually gonna be coming out here and we were just talking about our careers and stuff, and he said "Dude, you turned this achilles heel into this crazy career." I always say how I'm nuts and I'm OCD, he's like "That always worked for you, even when we were kids."

So, don't even second guess it, and you know what? It does work for me, and it obviously works for you.

Curtis: Yeah. The thing's I've had success with, I'm also OCD about it, it's helped me in some ways.

Joe Tillman: That's what it takes.

Spencer Kobren: If I wasn't obsessed, do you think I could have a show about hair loss on the air for 20 years? You gotta be out of your mind to do what I do.

Joe Tillman: Well, I'm glad you guys are here. Sometimes I know you get frustrated and this and that, but for me and I'm sure for a lot of people, it was lonely thing to deal with. So I appreciate it.

Spencer Kobren: Well, I appreciate you saying that, and I'm glad that we're here for you, and for everyone else who feels like you. And there's a lot of us, man, so ...

Curtis: All right. I appreciate it, as usually.

Spencer Kobren: All right Curtis, listen, you take care. Thanks for the call.

Joe Tillman: Thanks for calling.

Spencer Kobren: Thanks, bye. 

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