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The majority of physicians performing surgical hair restoration are not performing state-of-the art hair transplantation techniques. The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is an organization (IAHRS) comprised of caring and capable professionals working to protect and improve the appearance, health and well-being of their patients. However, physicians who do not perform state-of-the-art techniques, who have serious deficiencies in their practices, or are dishonest or impaired, are not accepted for membership in the IAHRS, and affect the integrity of the entire field. The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is responsible for investigating and adjudicating complaints against physicians and physician assistants who are members of the IAHRS.

If a complaint about a physician is filed with the IAHRS, the organization’s complaint process effectively weeds out those issues that lack foundation or are outside the jurisdiction of the IAHRS. If evidence is found that suggests misconduct, the physician will have their membership terminated.

Individual physicians in group practices must have individual IAHRS membership. Membership by one physician in a group is not automatically conferred to any other physician within that group. Non-members practicing within a group that contain IAHRS members are not recommended by the IAHRS. It is a direct violation of this organization’s policies for a member to refer a patient to a non-member in his/her own practice. If this violation is reported, said member will no longer be afforded to practice under the umbrella of the IAHRS.
Membership is not a right. If a member violates any of the policies of the IAHRS no matter how trivial they may seem to the member, said physician’s membership will be terminated.


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