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Is Partial Eyebrow Reconstruction Possible With Hair From Another Person?

I would like to know, if it is possible to have a partial eyebrow reconstruction with artificial hair or from an transplant from a different person, in those cases were there is no available donor hair from the person.

The answer in a word is “no.” Since it is almost unheard of not to have enough donor hair to do an eyebrow, I almost have to assume that your problem is one of severe alopecia areata termed “alopecia totalis,” a condition in which there is no scalp OR eyebrow hair. That is about the only condition I can think of that would prompt the need you mention. I sympathize with your situation, because I do realize how important the eyebrows are to completing the framing appearance of the normal facial structures.

The only other person you could get hair from and have it be accepted by your body would be an identical twin, which I’m assuming you don’t have. Artificial hair implants have been used in Italy, Japan, and Australia but are illegal in the U.S. I doubt they would be useful in constructing eyebrows, as they cause a lot of “fibrosis,” which is a hardening and slight swelling of the skin tissues around the hairs, and also causes a fair amount of redness and inflammation much of the time, all of which would look very unsightly in such a visible spot as the eyebrow location. A very artistic tattooing by a professional would be one way of approaching this problem, but it’s important they do it in such a way that the eyebrow looks like it has a little “texture” to it and doesn’t simply appear painted on.

If you do not have alopecia totalis and indeed do just have sparse scalp donor hair, I can assure you that the 300-340 follicular units necessary to do an eyebrow sessions can be found. If you are thin enough that a horizontal scar would be seen through your remaining hair, then FUE (follicular unit extraction) would be the best way of harvesting these hairs.


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