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•Senior Medical Advisor, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons 
•Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of Southern California School of Medicine
•President, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery 2012
•Treasurer, Executive Committee, & Board of Governors of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
•Diplomate, America Board of Dermatology
•Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. McAndrews credentials speak for themselves as he is a respected worldwide authority on hair loss and FUE/FUT hair transplants. Dr. McAndrews has the distinction of being on faculty as a Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California/Los Angeles County Medical Center (one of the world’s largest university training hospital) teaching the residents the latest advances and the art of FUE & FUT hair transplantations (There are only a handful of doctors in the world that have the credentials to be appointed as faculty at a major university training center). Dr. McAndrews was awarded “Outstanding Teacher Award in Surgical Dermatology” by the Department of Dermatology. Dr. McAndrews has authored numerous chapters in major texts books on hair loss and hair transplants, and interviewed by multiple publications and television news stations. Doctor McAndrews expertise has brought him around the world as a guest lecturer on the “art and science of hair transplants” (He has lectured on every continent except Antarctica). 

 Dr. McAndrews is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, specializing in the medical and surgical treatments for hair loss. Dr. McAndrews has been performing FUT & FUE hair transplants for over 20 years. Unlike most hair transplant doctors who learned “on the job”, Dr. McAndrews was formally trained in the art of hair restorations during his residency at the distinguished USC/LAC Medical Center. He was also honored with the distinction of Chief Resident. He continued his learning under Dr. Ayers and Dr. Corbett. Drs. Ayers and Corbett were known as the “pioneers in the field of hair restorations” starting in 1961 and, more importantly, they were sought out from around the world as the “artists” in the field. In 1996, Dr. McAndrews was honored to be entrusted with their patients and to take over their practice. To this day, Dr. McAndrews has not changed their artistic philosophy of “Performing one hair transplant a day and being involved in every step”. This is the only way to ensure quality with the entire focus to be on that patient, and that patient alone. 

The respect of his peers has bestowed on Dr. McAndrews the title of being the President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS) and he wrote the recertification exam that every Diplomate of the ABHRS must take to become recertified. He has also been bestowed the position of Treasurer, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He will be President of the ISHRS in 2020. Spencer Kobren has entrusted Dr. McAndrews with the position of Senior Medical Advisor to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). 

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The IAHRS is an organization whose membership is limited exclusively to state-of-the-art hair restoration surgeons. The IAHRS is the patient’s advocate, the ethical physician’s voice, and the standard for the profession.