Dr. Jerry Wong graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada in 1973. Prior to specializing in hair restoration surgery Dr. Wong had years of experience in general and emergency medicine, anesthetics, and surgery.

Dr. Wong now dedicates his time solely to hair transplant surgery and has twelve years of experience. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Wong and his team operate in a state of the art facility designed exclusively for hair restoration. He is the originator of the lateral slit technique and introduced this major innovation to the hair restoration industry to improve hair direction, angle and coverage. With his partner, Dr. Victor Hasson, he developed an instrument to custom cut incision blades, which allows him to precisely match recipient slit size to varying sizes of follicular unit grafts. This is done on the fly during each surgery and insures the highest graft yield and density.

Dr. Wong believes that patients should undergo as few procedures as possible to achieve the results they are striving for. Over the years Dr. Wong has improved the efficiency of his procedures to the point that 3500to 4500 grafts in one session are an everyday occurrence with 5000 plus graft cases being relatively common. This is due to detailed refinements in donor strip harvesting and exacting methods of follicular unit graft dissection. This allows for greater densities and greater coverage in one session for the patient and greatly reduces the need for subsequent procedures and associated expense.

His contributions to the field of hair restoration through continual refinements to his techniques have set a higher standard for the industry as a whole.

Dr. Wong has performed over 6000 hair restoration procedures to date. He understands the importance of having an artistic approach with regards to all aspects of follicular unit graft placement and incorporates this philosophy into every procedure.

Dr. Wong is highly respected by his peers worldwide for his unique approach to hair restoration and his natural talent for achieving consistently outstanding results.

His past contribution to the field of hair surgery include pioneering lateral slits for accurate control of hair angle and direction, Refinement of depth control to minimize recipient skin damage. Together with Dr. Hasson developed custom cut blade and other refinements that made mega sessions safe. Starting in 2016 Dr Wong has been refining implantation into custom cut lateral slits and has been observing major improvements with grow consistency. Dr Wong loves working with hair both the technical and artistic aspect. No matter how good things are there is always some refinement in technique that comes along to raise the work up another notch. 

Dr. Wong is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association

About the IAHRS

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