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Dr. James DeYarman graduated from Northeast Missouri State with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1969. In 1973, he graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. DeYarman completed his rotating internship in general practice at Doctors Hospital in Tucker, Georgia. In 1974 he began a general practice in San Diego, California where he became interested in hair restoration. In 1978, Dr. DeYarman did a preceptorship with Dr. C.P. Chambers of Tampa, Florida in the art of hair transplantation. 

Since 1974, Dr. DeYarman has studied and developed new techniques for hair restoration such as transposing of a one-centimeter grid to the area of transplanting for both calculation of density and distribution, intra-operative digital photos for documentation and video microscope usage for hair counting. These and many other creative techniques have made Dr. DeYarman evolve into a premier hair transplant surgeon and specialist in hair restoration. In addition, Dr. DeYarman has written and lectured extensively on the topic of hair loss. Dr. DeYarman incorporates an artistic approach to hair transplants, giving patients a natural-looking hairline, which has heralded him a leader in his field. Dr. DeYarman is a strong advocate of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and began doing this technique exclusively in 1998. With this innovative method Dr. DeYarman has been able to provide the most natural-looking hairline for his patients. Dr. 

DeYarman is licensed to practice medicine in the following states: California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, and Florida. He is currently a member of the National A.O.A., California Osteopathic Association, San Diego Osteopathic Association, American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a past board member of the California State Association (O.P.S.C.)

Dr. DeYarman is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association

About the IAHRS

The IAHRS is an organization whose membership is limited exclusively to state-of-the-art hair restoration surgeons. The IAHRS is the patient’s advocate, the ethical physician’s voice, and the standard for the profession.